Social Media & Mobile

According to the latest studies, half of U.S. adults use social media and 73% of American teens use social media.  Business use of social media is increasing every day.  The important question is do you just have a presence? Or do you have a strategy for your social media program?

Consumers are talking about your brand/company every day, whether you realize it or not.  The idea of “pre-commerce” – the time before one actual makes a purchase – suggest that there is great activity going on with the consumer as he/she researches a pending purchase.  It may be speaking with friends, it may be doing a Google search , and it may be a query on various social media platforms.  The most probably scenario suggests that it’s a combination of all those scenarios.

The opportunity exists to engage the consumer during this “pre-commerce” period, get them information and, perhaps, influence their actions.  This can only be done if there is a strategy in place for social media engagement.  This may include listening to social media channels, developing specific social media engagement programs and measuring specific metrics to determine the impact of the program.

We can help you evaluate your social media needs, assess your current program and develop a strategy that will help you reach the appropriate goals.